Laura Swan

Laura J. Swan, MA, CHLC is a trained psychotherapist, an intuitive healer and coach, and a medium and channel who has been facilitating women’s circles for over 24 years. Through her live events and private sessions, Laura has inspired and supported thousands to come home to their power and purpose, heal and find their true voice, and to listen to their innate intuition, vision, and inner guidance.

She has traveled extensively, leading and working with women and girls in regions all over the world: such as in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and all over the United States. She leads a women’s retreat in Ireland each year, and currently has a private practice where she sees people both in person and virtually.

Laura was recently featured as one of San Diego’s most inspiring women entrepreneurs in SD Voyager Magazine, and awarded the Desire to Inspire Foundations annual award for her leadership and life’s work.

She is the author of Reclaim Your Power, and the creator of the Reclaim Your Power program for women.

She currently lives with her husband, their two children, and their dog and chickens on their urban farm in Southern California.
You can find out more about Laura’s events, programs, circles or retreats, and how to work with her privately at: