Viraja Prema

Viraja Prema, Ph.Dc HHP is an International Speaker, Love and Intimacy Coach, Healing Facilitator and Mother of two. She leads with compassion, empathy, direct experience, wisdom, intuition and love (sprinkled with playfulness).

She knew that becoming a mother was going to be a significant part of her life and spiritual path. With so much beauty and gratitude when consciously conceived her two sons and successfully delivered them both at home in the water.

She has spent over 15,000 hours helping thousands of people in the fields of personal growth and development, intimacy and relating, healing and empowerment, spirituality and awakening.


Viraja’s exceptional ability to guide and hold space has come from over 30 years of experience in coaching, healing and specialized transformational group facilitation.


She has appeared on the Anderson Cooper Show, SHOWTIME, NBC, CBS, Tantra Theater, Talk Radio, various Podcasts and numerous stages around the world.

Viraja’s work supports overcoming anxiety, trauma, fear and separation and moving towards safety, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, feeling secure and being fully loved for all of who you are.

20-minute recorded practice to shift out of stress, overwhelm, or shut down and create a fresh start where you feel connected, refreshed, vibrant and online with your body, heart and soul.

We naturally feel and process what is happening in and around us through our bodies. This fresh start practice guides you through how to support the movement of this build-up through you. You can proactively clear and land in this present moment so you can create that which is most fulfilling and aligned for you.