Tatiana Tiess

Tatiana Tiess is a transformational mentor from Siberia. Her mission is to be of service to evolution of human consciousness and raising vibrational frequency of the planet.

Tatiana’s highest joy is guiding people on their spiritual path back home to love, peace and wholeness.

Tatiana is trained in Family Constellations modality, Theta Healing, Reiki and actively utilizes her intuitive gifts to guide her clients.

Tatiana has been on a plant medicine path and worked closely with master plant teacher Ayahuasca, which lead her to make quantum leaps in her life and she is committed to sharing this profound wisdom from the plants with humanity.

Tatiana is an experienced facilitator and space holder, who organized and held a number of women’s circle and transformational community events.

She has a bachelor’s degree in History & International Relations, as well as a degree in Psychology from a prestigious university in Siberia.