Sarah Jane Sandy

Sarah Jane Sandy is a functional nutritionist and women’s health expert focusing on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and hormonal health. She works with clients remotely all over the world through 1:1 consultations, as well as through her highly innovative online program, The Fertility Code – a 12-week protocol designed to prepare the body for conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Sarah developed this online offering to teach women the necessary tools to address the multiple facets that need to be taken into consideration to optimize fertility: food; lifestyle; adrenal, thyroid and gut health; environment; exercise; egg quality; sperm quality; conscious conception; complementary therapies; and more.

Sarah is passionate about helping women fix their hormonal chaos, get pregnant, stay pregnant, and finally experience motherhood. She has been researching and studying how the food we eat and the way we live affect our reproductive systems for over a decade. She is a national fertility and women’s health expert and works closely with several of the top-rated fertility doctors in the US. She has a master’s level certification in nutrition therapy and continues to educate herself on the topics of functional endocrinology, women’s hormonal health, thyroid health, gut healing, male hormonal health, and much more.

Sarah has notable success designing dietary & lifestyle programs to strengthen fertility, pregnancy and postpartum vibrance. Over the past 12 years, she has worked with hundreds of women all over the world teaching them how to optimize their hormones and how to alleviate the most common modern hormone imbalances (such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and amenorrhea) so they can get pregnant easily and without struggle, maintain a healthy full term pregnancy, feel supported in the postpartum period, have high energy levels throughout the day, easily maintain weight and sexual energy, and feel clear headed, productive and engaged in their world.

Sarah works with clients remotely all over the world through 1:1 consultations, and highly innovative online programs. Sarah runs a busy private nutrition practice and is passionate about using food as therapy; to heal, to transform, to change, and to nourish. She emphasizes the importance of eating whole, real, traditional, nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods, and believes these are the keys to unlocking one’s most vibrant self – preconception, during pregnancy, post-birth and beyond.