Sage Breslin

Sage has a BA in Behavioral Psychology from UCSD and an MA and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. She is also certified by Dr. Herb Benson in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical Center. Dr. Breslin is a Breakthrough and Transformation Coach, a Trauma Psychologist, a Motivational Speaker, a Screenwriter and a Best-Selling Author.  Her first book, Lovers & Survivors, as well as her work with Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC have generated worldwide acclaim.  Her second and third books, The Secret to Conception and The Secret to Conception Workbook, have enabled hundreds to resolve fertility challenges.  Her fourth book, Daily Pearls: 365 Days of Sage Wisdom, blends Dr. Breslin’s musings with motivational quotes from a wide array of contributors and delivers an unforgettable and moving read.  Her narrative storytelling style enables readers to experience life as she has lived it, and delivers the inspirational message so imperative for post-traumatic growth.  While her colorful life has imbued her with perspective and insight, Dr. Breslin acknowledges that true wisdom is gained through collective conscious community.  Her most recent book takes an even deeper dive into enabling conscious leaders to break through cognitive, emotional and energetic barriers to achieve authentic, empowered leadership.  The importance of this form of transformational work is evident: Breaking Through: The Conscious Leader’s and Entrepreneur’s Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity hit best-seller status within 24 hours!