Nancy DeAndrade

Dr. Nancy is a holistic transformational coach with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and extensive training in alternative modalities of healing. Drawing from her innate ability to cope with difficult experiences and endless research for the key to inner peace, Dr. Nancy has gained vast knowledge and wisdom of natural methods of achieving inner stillness and serenity.

Her work is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with others and bridging the gap between science and spirituality.  Her gift is in communicating intricate concepts and ideas in creative ways that helps people recognize and reconnect to their authentic nature and inner resources so they can too experience inner peace.

She leads healing meditations, lectures, workshops, and classes to help people discover and cultivate stillness, confidence, self-love and connection with their inner wisdom and power.

In her individual coaching sessions, Dr. Nancy brings into action leading-edge, intuitive techniques that expand the mind and awaken to a more conscious and peaceful way of living. 

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