Raina DeLear

Raina is a mentor, guide, healer, teacher, creator-developer that brings the wisdom of the past and potential of the future into the potency of the here now. She is a woman with a foot in two worlds, the world of the known and the world of the yet to be known – with all of its potential.

 Raina worked in the financial markets for sixteen years. In 2001, she made the radical leap from VP of trading to  Energy Medicine practitioner and teacher. Since then Raina has developed and deepened in the essential capacities that lead to personal wellbeing and inner happiness. 

Raina continuously cultivates the art of embodying conscious felt-sense intelligence. She experiences awakening through living in direct relationship with what is arising and emerging.  From this embodied perspective, daily life holds the exquisite opportunity for enlightenment.

Raina’s broad and deep devotion to well-being on all levels manifests in her work as a healer and teacher. Her capacity to listen deeply to what is emerging, to see possible paths for optimizing growth, and to hold space for new ways of being enable Raina to make a profound difference in people’s lives.  

Raina carries the wisdom that we are magnificent beyond imagination and that we have the potential to co-create a better world for all beings by standing together in our majesty while acknowledging the divine mystery that is life.