Krissy Sunflower

Sunflower is a visionary artist, an impact driven entrepreneur and a celebrated self mastery mentor.

She seeks to empower humanity with the tools to step into their greatest potential through custom coaching programs designed to support you in breaking free of limiting beliefs and awakening inner creativity.

Sunflower’s art is engraved into wooden power animal pendants that are made into necklaces and earrings. Every Vivawild animal pendant has inspiring affirmations linked to each animal to encourage the wearer to step into a better version of themselves.

She is also the co-creatrix of Little Luminaries, a mindfulness children’s toy company with a mission to empower youngsters with the tools to navigate their big emotions, discover their unique genius and feel confident in their own skin. Since it’s birth in 2020, thousands of children and families are being inspired by the “I CAN BE ANYTHING” animal affirmation deck.

Inspire a child in your life: