Dr. Somer Nicole

Dr. Somer Nicole specializes in Trauma Resolution with Somatic Healing, Reparenting and Nervous System Regulation. She created her own method called Somatic Reparenting MethodTM. Her Doctorate is in Physical Therapy, she is a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher and specializes in Pelvic Floor Recovery.

Dr. Somer is passionate about helping people heal and empower themselves at the deepest level, upgrading emotional intelligence and update old, limiting beliefs of abandonment, unworthiness and disempowerment into the frequency of self-love and empowerment.

www.SOMAwomen.com and www.YogaDoctors.TV

She is a Safe and Sound Protocol Provider to help one fast-track their nervous system into increased capacity and resilience, rewiring the effects of trauma.

     Join Dr. Somer Nicole in learning her Somatic Reparenting Method, where she integrates 20 years of knowledge of being in the healing and therapy world. This method will give you an embodied experience of Somatic Healing, Reparenting your inner child and subconscious mind reprogramming.

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